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Lighting Solutions Development Journey

As a LED lighting solution provider, Legend Tech started offering different LED dimming modules to customers in 2015. We’ve gained valuable market knowledge and additional application information by participating in various projects and establishing our relationships with customers. After launching several different dimming modules, we developed a portfolio of Dynamic Lighting solutions in 2018 to 2019 for changing the color temperature of LEDs.

Contrary to the standard approach of using lighting systems to control Tunable White lights, we developed an exciting Dynamic Lighting solution based on phase-cut, 0-10V technologies and uses regular dimmable LED drivers (LED+/- Output) to power Tunable White LED Fixtures. Our design concept is to deploy subtractive thinking or to keep the control to the bare minimum and provide core functions and benefits to the end-users. Thus, end-users can enjoy the Tunable White benefits without working with a lighting system and concerning the long-term maintenance support. Like Minimum Viable Products, customers can add other functionalities, such as wireless or mobile application control, as options best suitable for their needs and without negatively impacting core functions and costs. After launching our Dynamic Lighting solutions in 2019, we’ve been exploring with end customers how to utilize Tunable White LED fixtures to materialize the value in their applications, especially around different Tunable White Track Lights.

Product Solutions in Chronological Order

Today, our products and lighting solutions revolve around LED dimming and dynamic lighting applications. At the same time, we are also improving our supporting products to make it easier for customers to adopt our products. We have accumulated valuable market knowledge and different application information and established relationships with various customers through these various projects. The following product list captures our product release by chronologic order:

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