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LED Dimming

DZ2G300TUNE for LED Dimming

In this video, we shared how to use the Dynamic Lighting Controller for LED dimming applications. Besides Tunable White control, the same controller can provide a phase-cut dimming solution. That's we can consider this as an alternative to standard wall dimmers. We've used this controller in different residential dimming applications.

Since this DZ2G300TUNE controller only uses a single toggle switch to control, we used our single toggle switch faceplate (LCNC-TG03-1L_SV) and a SORAA® vivid™ MR16 LED lamp, and optima™ 12V electronic transformer as the lighting fixtures to demo different operations, scene-setting, and minimum brightness memory setting.

In terms of connection, we suggested using a LAN cable to connect the faceplate with the controller. We'll use four wires (DIM+, DIM-, GROUND, CCT-) for connection. Among them, we only need to temporarily short the CCT- terminal to GROUND for minimum brightness memory setting. Therefore, we suggest Electricians add a simple tact switch (normal open) and hide it inside the flush back box for future use.


Dynamic Lighting

DZ2G300TUNE for Tunable White Control

It's good to have another opportunity to present our DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG controller , especially after the software modifications. Compared with DALI systems, our solution provides a minimum viable product approach to Circadian Lighting or Commercial Lighting (e.g., Art, Jewelry, and Luxury Items display). We developed this investment-lit solution based on our phase dimming and 0-10V solutions.

Therefore, our solutions use regular constant-current dimmable LED drivers to drive Tunable White lights. This feature easily supports Tunable White LED fixture development and long-term maintenance. Besides basic operations, we also showed how easy it is to save and recall the User-Defined Memory Setting (Min Brightness, Preset Warm White, and Preset Cool White).

In the latest software, we also added the Cycling and Scene-Setting modes. The Cycling operation can provide better feedback to the customer during adjustments, and the two scenes (preset brightness memory selection) work with the Warm Dimmable fixture to easily create different mood lighting effects.

Tunable White Track Lights

In this video, we shared another practical use of Tunable White lighting: Tunable White Track Lights. Towards the end of our development, we received good feedback when we presented our solutions to customers. One of the reasons is that customers can use their existing dimmable track systems for the new track lights. In other words, without re-investing in the system changes, customers can purchase our Tunable White Track Lights and instantly upgrade their track light systems to deliver added value.

We have already installed such a product in an art gallery. But as the customer only has the regular single-circuit (two-wire) tracks, we made slight modifications to provide 30W Tunable White track lights for the project. Additionally, we can deliver relevant solutions if a customer desires another type of control, such as integrating wireless control. Interested prospects can refer to the associated pages for details.

Dynamic Lighting Control for Jewelry Lighting Display

In this video, we shared more about our dual momentary switch interface for Dynamic Lighting control. This video echoes the top video that interested parties can consider as supplementary material as we covered the solution in more detail. We'll cover the wiring and a walk-thru of the control board.

In this video, we used a jewelry lighting mock-up that we installed with our Tunable White lighting fixtures and the DZ2G300TUNE controller for demonstration because the jewelers have good reasons for implementing the lighting technologies for their businesses. This mock-up also explains how Dynamic Lighting can affect an interior space. Inside this mock-up, we have: 1x 7W Downlight with 6500K - 2700Km CRI 90+ 2x 15W Light Bar with 6500K - 2700K, CRI 90+ 2x 9W LED Strip with 7800K - 2200K, CRI 80+.

In the first part of this video, we used the downlight and the light bars to demonstrate the dynamic lighting effects. And in the second part, we add the LED strips installed on both sides at the front of the display cabinet. Although we used a display cabinet for demonstration, this shows how effective dynamic lighting can affect the spatial design.