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Dual Color LED Strip

In addition to the various tunable white LED luminaires we have already mentioned, our dynamic lighting solutions are also suitable for dual-color LED strips driven in constant current type.
Here, we have a pair of lighting fixtures and control (on a 4-gang faceplate) that simulate Dynamic Lighting application in a Jewelry and Gem display cabinet. Each group has a 25W Tunable Linear Light Bar (LTML-6527-T09-5X1-15D_BK), and a short section of dual-color LED strip (< 5W). The color temperature and brightness of the two groups are different, which are also adjusted individually by a pair of rotary knobs in the middle.
Since the light strip is not a directional lighting fixture, we generally do not recommend that to customers to use in the display cabinet. But as LED strips are ubiquitous in product displays and many different lighting applications, we have the dual-color LED strips here to demonstrate the feasibility of our Dynamic Lighting solution.
Unlike the constant voltage LED strips (12V / 24V), we use the constant current type of LED strips in our solutions. The simplest way to distinguish the two types of LED strips is that we will not find the tiny resistor chips on each constant current LED strip section. In other words, we can consider the constant current LED strips as a typical LED light fixture.

Unlike constant voltage strips such as 12V or 24V, the voltage of constant current LED strips (350mA) increases with the length of the LED strip, limiting the choice of constant current LED drivers. Our controllers can support such applications up to 100Vdc output. Since there are few constant current dimmable LED drivers with output voltage over 60Vdc, we recommend the Meanwell PCD series for LED strip applications with a length of about 2 meters. Please refer to our co-branded flyer with Meanwell LED Drivers (PCD series) for other options.