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Product Solutions Overview

In the past few years, we've focused on developing LED dimming and, later, Dynamic Lighting solutions. Since launching our LED dimming modules, we've marketed several types of phase dimmers, 1-10V controllers, etc. Based on our dimming products, we developed our Dynamic Lighting solutions with phase-cut and 0-10V methodologies, related solid aluminum alloy faceplates, and Tunable White LED Fixtures and Luminaires. The biggest differentiator of our solution is that our solutions are easy to maintain and easy for Tunable White lighting fixtures development.
This Product Solutions Catalog summarizes our various dimming and Dynamic Lighting solutions and provides installation examples; interested prospects may understand how the products and solutions are applicable in practice. Customers may also refer to this pamphlet for an overview of our products and solutions before diving into individual applications for details.

I) Lighting Solutions by Products

After developing our core AC and DC dimmer units, we’ve been developing our proprietary Dynamic Lighting solutions to support the needs for Tunable White lighting control. Among our Dynamic Lighting solutions, our most important contribution is our Tunable White Controller (DZ2G300TUNE) and Dynamic Lighting Controller ( DZ2G300TUNE).

Tunable White Controller

DZ1G300TUNE targets to work with other control components to implement complete Dynamic Lighting; this also means that we can upgrade an existing dimming solution with color temperature adjustment to make the current solution more practical.

So far, we’ve identified two types of variations using the DZ2G300TUNE: Dual Rotary and Hybrid Mode. The dual rotary interface utilizes our rotary dimmer and 1-10V controller that is most suitable for public facilities type of applications, where the applications don’t involve specific users and devices, as in the case of Smart Bulbs.

The hybrid mode interface replaces the 1-10V controller with a wireless module with 0-10V output; this simple replacement opens the door for a wall dimmer for brightness and the mobile application for color control. As we tie the 300W Tunable White Controller to a wireless device, this implies we can integrate the connected Tunable White lighting fixtures to be part of a digitally addressable system with the significant cost reduction by sharing the same wireless (or reducing the overhead) to the neighboring lights. See Tunable White Controller Application Brochure for an overview.

Dynamic Lighting Controller

On the contrary, the DZ2G300TUNE targets to provide a LED dimming and Dynamic Lighting solution with a momentary switch interface. DZ2G300TUNE controller has two variations: DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG and DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH represent toggle switch and push-button interface respectively. Customers may choose the appropriate controller for their faceplates.

The LED dimming solution is equivalent to our standard LED dimmers (450W) with trailing-edge phase-cut dimming output (300W). Furthermore, customers can use the same interface for Dynamic Lighting control, representing a new type of residential and commercial lighting applications. As our comprehensive customer support, we also provide our Tunable White Lighting Fixtures. See our Dynamic Lighting Controller Application Brochure for an overview.

Among the applications powered by these controllers, Tunable White Track Lights represent an application for Commercial and Display lighting. For details, please refer appropriate section below.

II) Lighting Solutions by Applications

To assist prospects in better understanding our solutions in an organized way, we organized our products and solutions into application-specific brochures for their perusal. Featuring our Tunable and Dimmable Track Lights for art galleries, Dynamic Lighting solutions for jewelry lighting and luxury displays, and in the public facilities, prospects can find different backgrounds of how the products are applicable in different scenarios.

Jewelry Lighting and Luxury Product Display

Jewelry lighting or making the diamonds sparkle has been a challenging task in the industry. Presenting the diamonds and jewelry inside the display cabinets is crucial in retail or presentations to end customers.

Jewelry lighting can go beyond the display cabinets since private viewers and serious buyers would not only appreciate the stones in the display cabinets. Therefore, the thinking of Jewelry lighting would extend to become a dominant role in showroom or jewelry store design. In the past, industry players relied on halogen and fluorescent lights for different types of jewels. We can easily imagine professional jewelers demanding quality LED lights to change from traditional lamps.

Since most of the prospects involved understand the value of color rendering and color temperature to their display, we explain how our solutions compare with some market available jewel display lighting kit-set and some lookalike color temperature changing solutions. So, we need to cover the simple adjusting of the intensities of cool white, and warm white LED strings, warm dimming, APP control LED strips, etc.

On the other hand, we understand their requirements for lighting fixtures and control interfaces to facilitate their daily work by talking to professional jewelers directly. We also explain about long-term maintenance of our solutions. We even built our display box mock-up to assist our presentation showcasing our solutions. For a start, please refer to our Jewelry Lighting Brochure and contact us for discussion.

Jewelry Display Box Mock-up

Art Gallery

Art galleries are interesting in lighting designs because lighting is an important part of the operations. Professional art galleries spend much effort to source and set up the lighting for their exhibitions. The workload can be demanding for the staff in peak seasons. Our Tunable White Track Lights provide easy-to-use features for the production team members, who can set up and customize the lighting per a piece of artwork.

We're in the application by working with end-users directly and offering our track lights with different features and optical designs. We classify the art gallery applications into dimmable and tunable for easy understanding of our solutions. For tunable applications, we further organize the track lights into individual control or track-control for wall-washing applications, whichever the galleries choose for their focus. In practice, we recommend customers look into a mix of both types of control modes that can best materialize the value of our solutions. See our Tunable Track Lights in Art Galleries Brochure.

Dynamic Lighting in Public Facilities

Hospitals and clinics are common targets for Dynamic Lighting applications. These product proposals are tunable light panels controlled by some lighting systems to simulate the circadian rhythms. Unlike residential spaces, public facilities have their preferred user interface and maintenance support considerations.

Since many public hospitals have been using our LED dimmers, we're also interested in how our Dynamic Lighting solutions are applicable in these environments and how to make the most negligible impact on the wards' daily operations. In fact, from our communication with F&B prospects, we feel that the concept of "public facility" can extend into F&B, co-working space, or any applications that involve more than a small group of specific users. See our Dynamic Lighting in Public Facilities brochure.

Interested prospects may also visit our retail partners, who had installed our Dynamic Lighting Solutions or contact us for discussion.

Residential and Commercial Applications

“LED dimming can be fun and easy when we use the proper products together!” In the case of residential applications, it only requires the use of dimmable LED lamps and a LED dimmer. These would be direct applications of our LED dimming modules and standard wall dimmers; the installation is backward compatible with a regular switching circuit, requiring no re-wiring. Interested prospects and customers may explore our dimmer modules or dimer switches for retrofit or new installation.

As a LED dimming solution provider, we naturally want more people to enjoy dimming applications in residences and commercials with affordable and straightforward solutions. With the addition of our Dynamic Lighting Controllers, this brochure highlights the three types of LED dimming product solutions. Our solid aluminum alloy faceplates can provide the much-needed product outlook in residential and commercial applications.

We also introduced our Dynamic Lighting solutions that the same set of control solutions are applicable to provide brightness and color temperature control. See our New Residential and Commercial Lighting Applications brochure.