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Variety of LED Dimming Solutions

Since 2015, Legend Tech has released different LED dimming solutions to the market. Today, Electrical Contractors and Lighting customers can find our dimming and dynamic lighting solutions in public hospital wards, F&B, offices, retail shops, residences, international auction houses, and art galleries. For more details, please refer to our application page.

By assembling our AC and DC LED dimming modules with standard plastic faceplates or CNC processed solid aluminum alloy faceplates, customers can easily apply our dimming solutions for different applications. On the contrary, our Lighting Controllers work with various customized faceplates with toggle switches, push-buttons, or rocker switches, further boosting customers’ selection of dimming solutions.

Proprietary Dynamic Lighting Solutions

Our Dynamic Lighting solution addresses the need to change both the LED's brightness and color temperature at the same time in specific applications. Besides the Smart Bulbs, such control requires a professional lighting system (DALI) for implementation. The proprietary solution is based on phase-cut and 0-10V methodologies, which makes it possible to use regular dimmable LED drivers (LED+/-) to power Tunable White LED Fixtures. The most significant difference between the two approaches is that our solution uses regular dimmable LED drivers to power the Tunable White fixtures. This critical feature allows a simple user interface, easy maintenance, easy Tunable White fixture development, and significant cost advantage in miniature applications. The approach is most suitable for applications where a few Tunable White LED fixtures are desired and usually not justified for a lighting system.

Our solutions encompass two types of controllers (open and closed-loop), premium quality wall plates, and various Tunable White LED fixtures. for example, our Tunable White LED Track Lights can be implemented on standard 2-wire or 4-wire rails and can be backward compatible with existing phase dimmable tracks. Besides standalone control, users can adjust the track lights from the wall control just like regular dimmable track lights. Different versions can be provided for integration with a mobile application control. See our product solutions catalog.