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Proprietary Dynamic Lighting Solutions

Lighting systems are common for Tunable White lighting in professional lighting projects. Since its market introduction, Smart Bulbs have been an excellent attempt to bring the applications to households. So, we can see the control methods play a significant role in shaping the applications and deciding target audience groups.

Our Typical Application

A professional jewelry display case is typical of our dynamic lighting solutions. Our different Tunable White Downlights and Tunable White Light Bars can provide the desired brightness, color temperature, and color rendering effect customers require. The upper right shows the signature dimming and color temperature toggle switches of the DZ2G300TUNE. Since we can separate our controllers from the user interface, this gives professional jewelers and their suppliers great flexibility to design. In addition, customers can connect single or multiple (up to 300W) Tunable White lighting fixtures per controller, and they would find it very easy to use. Our solution can also use dual-color constant current light strips should they require.

Demo Video

The Cost Impact of LED Drivers on Project

In our proprietary design, we target to drastically reduce the entry barriers and costs of Tunable White Fixture and to find easy way to support multiple types of Tunable White Fixtures. Therefore, we focus on the LED driver selection.

One of the signatures of our solutions is that we use regular single-channel LED dimmable drivers (phase-cut or 0/1-10V) to power Tunable White LED Fixture. Since it requires no specific control protocol between the control unit (transmitter) and the driver (decoder), this meets our costs reduction expectation. This approach also enables us to support Tunable White Fixtures easily by utilizing the rich pool of already available dimmable drivers.

Based on our solutions, we’ve developed Tunable White Track Lights, Downlights, and Linear Light Bars to showcase the diversity of our Tunable White luminaires and fixtures. So interested prospects can consider our Dynamic Lighting solutions as simple as dimmable solutions.

Tunable White Controller

As part of our Dynamic Lighting development, Tunable White Controller, DZ1G300TUNE, is a 300W / 220Vac – 240Vac lighting controller that adjusts the color temperature of a Tunable White LED Fixture from Cool White to Warm White. The color temperature range is independent of the controller, and the Tunable White LED Fixture determines it, e.g., 2700K – 5500K.

This adjustment can be by onboard VR control or an external 0-10V signal (CCT+/- terminals shorted together before power resumes). Therefore, the controller also works with an external control source. The external control source can be our DZ1G1TEN or some 0-10V wirelessly control module.

In the simplest form, this controller works with our rotary dimmer and 1-10V controller, which gives a dual rotary button interface or a most intuitive user interface for adjustment. Interestingly, this controller enables us to form a Dual Rotary Interface, Hybrid Control Interface (i.e., the mix of a wall dimmer and mobile application), and Dual Modes Interface (i.e., switchable between dual rotary interface and mobile application control).

As the controller is independent of the LED driver, the LED driver can be either phase dimmable or 0-10V dimmable. For wall mounting using our modules, please refer here. Interested prospects may refer to our Tunable White LED fixtures for available color temperature ranges and designs. See our DZ1G300TUNE Tunable White Controller Application Brochure.

Dynamic Lighting Controller

The second controller resulting from our Dynamic Lighting project is our Dynamic Lighting Controller, DZ2G300TUNE, a 300W / 220Vac – 240Vac lighting controller that provides trailing-edge phase-cut dimming and controls color temperature of Tunable White LED Fixtures simultaneously.

Similar to our dual rotary interface, the DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG or DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH controller provides a dual momentary toggle switch or push-button interface respectively. Besides real-time adjustments, users can utilize hotkeys and user-defined preference memories to facilitate daily operations. Please refer to our Dynamic Lighting to start exploring our solutions. See our DZ2G300TUNE Dynamic Lighting Controller Application Brochure.

This controller can also work in LED dimming-only applications, similar to our standard LED dimmers. Interested prospects may refer to our Tunable White LED fixtures for available color temperature ranges and designs. Explore other LED dimming applications with this controller in Residential and Commercial applications. See our New Residential and Commercial Lighting Applications Brochure.