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In this section, we’d look at the momentary switch interface LED dimming control using the DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG controller. At its most basic, this solution involves a single toggle switch solid aluminum alloy faceplate, the DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG controller, a phase dimmable driver, and a LED light. It's easy to recognize this configuration is very similar to a typical dimmable downlight setup. The only difference is that we extract the dimming control electronics into a single controller from the wall plate. The upside of this approach is the complete freedom to choose faceplates only with mechanical switches. Besides the toggle switch faceplates, we also have a rocker switch and push-button faceplates for customers with different needs. Please see our series of solid aluminum alloy faceplates for selection.


In terms of functionalities, this single (toggle) switch solution is strikingly similar to our DZ4G450MULT but with more features. Besides the toggle switch, we also have a rocker switch faceplate design that works identically for customers who prefer a flat surface as much as possible. So, customers can choose the preferred interface while using the same controller at the back.


Toggle Switch Movement

Light On

Any up or down movement

Light Off

Double-click down

Full Intensity

Double-click up

Dimming Up / Down

Upward / Downward movement

Cycling (Auto change of the intensity ramping direction)

Continue-to-Hold (Automatic, only when Max / Min intensity is reached)

As the DZ2G300TUNE controller is also applicable to Dynamic Lighting, users can control brightness and color temperature by a pair of toggle switches. Thus, the minimum brightness memory setting operation requires an additional tact switch, normally not applicable in this LED dimming solution. This auxiliary switch serves as the “Memory Setting Button” and is only relevant to the memory setting procedure that installers can hide inside the flush box.


For wiring, we suggest using a cut-LAN cable for the DC connection between the faceplate and the DZ2G300TUNE Controller. Installers can leave the auxiliary switch inside the flush box for any future use. In summary, there are four DC connections to be made from the faceplate terminals to the Controller unit:

  • For Dimming Control: DIM+, DIM-, GND
  • For “Memory Setting Button”: CCT-, GND (shared)

Minimum Brightness Memory

Under this setup, follow the below procedure for the Minimum Brightness Memory setting:

1. Switch off the light

2. Hold the memory setting button and wait for the light to be on automatically (indicates memory setting mode)

3. While holding the memory setting button, adjust the light intensity as normal

4. Once the memory setting button is released, the current intensity level will become the minimum brightness level.

Note if the minimum level is set too high, it would appear dimming is forbidden. On the contrary, if the minimum level is set too low, it can confuse the subsequent user that the light can’t switch on properly. Therefore, we suggest a minimal visible level to be maintained.

See How it works in a Video

To assist interested prospects better understand above operations, please refer the following video.