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Sink-type 1-10V Controller

Released in 2016, our sink-type 1-10V controller, DZ1G1TEN, serves as an "additive voltage" to a 0/1-10V LED dimmable driver or light fixture, be they Constant Current or Constant Voltage dimmable. The 1-10V controller connects directly to the DIM+/- input port of a 0/1-10V dimmable driver of a light fixture for linear brightness level adjustment. In terms of wiring, the sink-type controller saves the AC connection for powering the controller, making it easy for the wiring plan.

Some outdoor luminaire manufacturers use the DZ1G1TEN as a rotary knob for brightness control. We also encountered contractors who added a DZ1G1TEN to a dimmable LED strip driver and hid it without installing a wall plate as a remedy because the strips were too bright after installation. These examples illustrate the diverse applications for sink-type controllers. Customers can also refer to our application page to understand DZ1G1TEN in practical situations.

DZ1G1TEN complies with IEC / EN55015:2013+A1:2015, EN61547:2009, EN61000-3-2:2014, EN61000-3-3:2013. See DZ1G1TEN Product Manual for details.

Min-Trim Option

Our 1-10V controller also has a min-trim option to limit the lowest output voltage from 0.8V to 3.5V to optimize the dimming range. The corresponding brightness level (Lm) of min-trim output voltage (V) defines the lowest brightness level (Lm). Contractors may find that some LED drivers switch off their output when the dimming control voltage drops below 1V. In 0-10V, 1V is like the limit of proportionality, below which different LED drivers behave differently. Some would continue to reduce the brightness intensity, whereas some would shut off the output barely below 1V. Thus, installers can use the Min-trim option to maintain visible minimal light output. For details about the min-trim option, see corresponding sections on the Support page.