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Variety of LED Dimming Solutions

Since the launch of our 450W Gen 2 LED phase-cut dimmer modules in 2015, we have come on a long journey to provide AC and DC LED dimming control products for different applications. Today, we provide three types of LED dimming offers: LED dimming modules, LED dimmer switches, and LED dimming controllers for different design and installation needs. Interested prospects can refer our Product Solutions Catalog to understand further. Below is a quick summary of different solutions.

LED Dimming Modules

Our AC and DC LED dimming modules provide Lighting Professionals and Electrical Contractors a flexible solution to realize their lighting projects. Our dimmer modules have provided LED dimming solutions in public hospital wards, F&B, retail, commercial, residential, and building lobby applications. Today, our phase dimmer modules include DZ3G450DIAL and DZ4G450MULT, and our 1-10V module is DZ1G1TEN. DZ3G450DIAL and DZ1G1TEN are our most popular items for these applications.

Regarding our phase dimmers, the 450W / 220Vac - 240Vac digital trailing-edge phase-cut output LED dimmer modules can provide deep dimming functionality, possess a minimum brightness memory for dimming range optimization, and operate with a single Live wire. Single Live wire operational means that the phase dimmer connects in series with a light switch, making them applicable to retrofit or new installations and directly replacing an incandescent dimmer (some people call it TRIAC dimmer). These features make upgrades from traditional lights or non-dimmable LED lights to dimmable LED lights much easier than before.

The dimming modules easily fit into faceplates with 1, 2, or 4 gangs for wall mounting, etc. On a 4-gang faceplate, Electricians can install three dimmer modules and a single light switch for a master light switch with three separate channel dimming controls, such as three sets of lights in a conference room. Alternatively, Electricians can install a single dimmer module and three light switches for a single-channel dimming control and two regular light switches. Electricians can also use SPDT switches with our phase dimmer to implement Two-Way control. These examples demonstrate the flexibility of dimming modules and installation in practice.

LED Dimmer Switches

We know very well that designers and end-users pay much attention to the outlooks of the light switches in residential and commercial applications. After working on various dimming modules, we started offering solid aluminum alloy faceplates for our modules fitting in 2019.

Inheriting the flexibility benefits of our modular products and addressing the difficulty of removing the modules after inserting them into the plastic faceplates, we developed a premium solid aluminum alloy faceplate platform that provides an instant upgrade of elegant dimmer switches to customers.

The solid aluminum alloy faceplates fit all our modular products and serve as our dimmer switch platform that's important in residential and commercial applications. These applications commonly require a mix of AC and DC dimmer switches compatible with the different lighting fixtures (e.g., light bulbs require phase dimmers and light strips require 0/1-10V control modules). Electricians and lighting professionals can order the dimmer switches suitable for different locations from us and keep the light switches consistent for the entire space.

Shown here is our LDCP-ROTA-2G_BK, our single-channel 450W LED dimmer switch. The LDCP-ROTA series has our DZ3G450DIAL assembled on a black solid aluminum alloy faceplate. We'll continue to focus on our dimmer switch category for more designs and colors.

LED Dimming Controllers

When dimming modules and dimmer switches provide an off-the-shelf LED dimming solution, our Dynamic Lighting Controllers (DZ2G300TUNE) released in 2019 target customers who want customized faceplate solutions (e.g., handcrafted faceplates). This approach allows designers and end-users to connect their preferred faceplates with mechanical switches to our controllers for LED dimming. We also provide our multiple solid aluminum alloy faceplates as a comprehensive solution provider for easy selection.

In addition to providing trailing edge phase-cut dimming output, the Dynamic Lighting Controller has a remarkable feature. The controller lets users follow the same approach to simultaneously adjust the brightness and color temperature of Tunable White light fixtures; alternatively, users can use the same method to set up dual-channel dimming control on the same faceplate (right).

There are two models for the DZ2G300TUNE controllers, the DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG works with toggle switches and rocker switches, and the DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH works with push buttons faceplates. For details about this solution, please see the relevant sections.