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Dimmable Track Lights Solution

Having realized the importance and implied costs of product compatibility tests, providing our dimmers and dimmable luminaires as kit-solution becomes one of our product focus areas. Our current product focuses on LED dimmable track lights.

We studied various possible new applications during our Tunable White track light development. So we encountered single to three-circuit rails, different track adaptors including specific adaptors compatible with particular manufacturer's rails, or to integrate wireless control to our Tunable White track light control. These details enrich our track light development know-how.

Through our communication with different customers, we learn that dimming is a practical function for track lights. So, in addition to wall control and individual adjustment, the discussions led us to other functional designs. During our early encounter with a customer who has been using high lower LED bulbs, they are not satisfied with the track lights from a few suppliers. After providing several samples, we finally clarified the end customer's requirements and provided a modified optical solution to satisfy the customer.

(Right) Although we only discuss our 30W / 3000K / CRI 90+ dimmable track lights with the gallery client here, suppose the customer wants to emphasize the blues of the painting. The customer can easily use our Tunable White Track Light to adjust the color temperature towards the cool-white range. Note that we can only achieve the effect by changing the color temperature, not the brightness level. So, this also indicates the importance of color temperature in display lighting!

Product Options

As for dimmable track lights, we provide phase-cut dimmable track lights (LHFT series), local dimmable (LLDT series) and brightness level selection (LLST series). In terms of power, we provide 10W, 20W, and 30W. As for the color temperature options, we provide 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K with color rendering (Ra) 90+ to cover halogen and fluorescent replacement. Customers can purchase the phase dimmable track lights with our dimmers for direct installation and save effort in conducting various compatibility tests. We also provide single-phase or three-phase tracks; please get in touch with interested customers for discussion.