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What is Dynamic Lighting?

Dynamic lighting allows users to adjust the brightness and color temperature of tunable white LED luminaires in real-time and freely. Users can use dynamic lighting to provide the most suitable lighting atmosphere for the space or create unique lighting effects to meet particular needs. Since tunable white light applications mainly involve color temperature ranges such as warm white, neutral white, and cool white, some people will refer to such applications collectively as "Human-Centric Lighting" or "Circadian Lighting". As our solution focuses on the commercial application of this technology, we tend to use the term "Dynamic Lighting" to describe our solution. On the other hand, some simple solutions on the market allow users to select a specific color temperature from several color temperatures through a DIP switch and then adjust the light, which does not fall within the scope of our discussion.

Tunable White LED Fixtures

The most apparent difference between Tunable White and regular LED lights is that Tunable White LED lights have three or four leads (Cool White+/-, Warm White+/-) for connection. Tunable White LED lights consist of a pair of warm and cool white LED strings. Thus, unlike regular LED lights with a specific color temperature value (e.g., 3000K, 4000K), tunable white LED lights have a particular color temperature range; the individual color temperature value of the LED strings defines the overall color temperature range available for adjustment (e.g. 2700K - 4000K).

Since Tunable White LED Fixtures require the simultaneous control of both LED strings to control the overall light's brightness and color temperature, Dynamic Lighting requires a slightly more complicated control method than typical dimming. Note that simply tying both strings' positive leads (negative leads) in parallel doesn't produce the expected brightness and color temperature changes. We can see here the surface mounted and recessed downlights are indeed Tunable White fixtures that share the same form factors as dimmable or non-dimmable LED fixtures. That is, the fundamental difference between Tunable and regular LED lights lies in the lighting control.