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1-10V Controller Applications

1-10V has been around and used in fluorescent lighting control. Our sink-type 1-10V controllers are handy for providing cost-effective and straightforward solutions to Lighting Professionals, Electrical Contractors, and Lighting Fixture Manufacturers. We’ve selected some commercial cases to illustrate the applications.

Furthermore, as mentioned in our Dynamic Lighting solution, our 1-10V controller also works with our DZ1G300TUNE Tunable White Controller for color temperature control, demonstrating the diverse application. In that solution, the min-trim option of DZ1G1TEN also finds its unique value to limit the color temperature range of Tunable White control.

Building Lobby

LED strips are standard in interior design to provide ceil lights of various shapes. Here is a building lobby project that deploys many LED strips. In this case, our DZ1G1TEN works with the Meanwell HLG series for high-power dimming applications.

Located on Nathan Road, a commercial building project has a dimming requirement for all the lights in the building lobby. Due to budget constraints, a lighting system is not available to the team. Most of the lighting fixtures in the hall are built based on LED (constant voltage-type) strips, and the rest of the phase dimmable lighting fixtures were from Europe. Our task was to provide “dimming solutions” to the Contractor. Interestingly, dimming projects were not so popular at the time, so the LED lighting supplier and Contractor didn’t have much experience in the LED dimmable driver selection.

Given the high-power consumption, if the Contractor used a standard power supply with an additional PWM controller per light unit approach to adjust the lights, it requires installing too many devices and becomes a wiring nightmare. Also, it's not feasible due to limited space. Hence, we suggested the team consider the high-power dimmable driver with dual operation mode capability to significantly simplify the wiring involved and keep the project on schedule during the discussion. We’re pleased that the team finally adopted the product suggested and followed our wiring suggestions. This project also used our phase dimmers for luminaires other than LED strips, which we'd not highlight here.

Retail Environments

Besides F&B applications, our dimmer modules are also popular in retail, from jewelry shops to eyewear franchises. Brightness control is an easy and cost-effective approach to value-add the spatial design to keep the consumers happy spending in the shops.

In these applications, the dimmer switches are usually installed inside an electrical room. Due to limited space, it's best to the Electricians to install multiple dimmers in the electrical box as much as possible. In practice, a mix of phase dimming and 1-10V dimming to match the dimming control required by different lighting fixtures is typical. Since our phase dimmer and 1-10V modules can fit into regular plastic faceplates (23 x 23mm apertures), this feature is one of the reasons why our modules are popular in such work environments.

More interestingly, customers can use both dimming devices (phase dimmers and 1-10V controllers) together with our DZ1G300TUNE controller, which value-adds the color temperature adjustment. For interested prospects, please browse relevant sections on Dynamic Lighting or contact us further.