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LED Dimmer Switch Brief

In our dynamic lighting development project, we also developed aluminum alloy panels that are backward compatible with dimming modules to enhance the appearance of the dimmer switches. This CNC-processed solid aluminum alloy panel can provide a new solution for design customers and end customers who pay special attention to product appearance. The feedback of the 450W single Live-wire operational black aluminum panel dimmer switch with our DZ3G450DIAL knob dimmer module is positive, and we've been supporting customers already. Earlier, we had also prepared the design of the white aluminum alloy panel.

As another effort to enhance our MARCOM, we’ve summarized another marketing leaflet for the LDCP series, which is the LED dimmer switches on solid aluminum alloy faceplates. The flexible nature of our dimmer modules works well with our solid aluminum alloy faceplates in that they provide an excellent solution to customers looking for a quality LED dimmer switch series.

As we know, residential lighting or dimming projects involve different lighting fixtures. Thus, it’s necessary to use both AC and DC types of dimming control in the interior space. For example, the cove lighting and light bulbs or downlights are typical in the same room; in this case, we’d need DC and AC dimming control in the same room. Since the faceplates work with our modular products, we can quickly provide standard and customized dimmer switches, where we can assemble different types of dimmer switches on the same faceplates to keep style consistent.

In this LDCP Dimmer Switch Series Product Brief, we also summarized the electrical wiring for other modules and some common questions or issues to look for when customers match the dimmable lights. Interested customers can refer to the documents or contact us directly.

July 22, 2022