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PEONIA™ Diamond Flagship Store in ELEMENTS Shopping Mall

Just before its grand opening on July 17, 2017, Legend paid a visit to the first PEONIA™ Diamond flagship boutique in the Metal Zone of the ELEMENTS shopping mall. We're glad to be just in time to witness the installation for the jewelry shop.

The dimming solution is similar to our earlier building lobby project. Our DZ1G1TEN (1-10V controller) and Mean Well 0/1-10V dimmable LED drivers (5x HLG-320H-24B & 11x NPF-90D-12 in this case) dim the entire ceiling lighting fixture, and the downlights in the shop. Similarly, we've only two DZ1G1TEN controllers for the wall washing strip lights and downlights in the private viewing room.

Since the jewelry shop client is only looking for a reliable and simple solution and does not have any complicated lighting effect requirements, this simple solution easily fulfills the dimming requirement in the range of 3,000W for the ceiling lights and the downlights for the shop.

This cost-effective solution saves the heavy initial investment that would require a lighting control system, which is unsuitable for this retail application.

By talking to the Electricians, we're glad to hear that the Electricians also appreciate the solution. It is straightforward for them to organize the LED drivers in the neighborhood, thus simplifying their wiring works.

Jul 17th, 2017