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Office Dimming in Aésop (Hong Kong)

Every brand has its character, and the brand has its philosophy behind it. Although we only stayed in the office briefly, we can feel the openness, fun working environment, and the desire-for-natural atmosphere in the Aésop Hong Kong office in Central. Shortly after the move into the new office, to help investigate the various dimming problems in the office, the Lighting Consultant invited us to make a site visit. Almost all the lights in the office are phase dimmable, and the customer had been using dimmers from various suppliers and ended up flickering or flashing with the downlights (SORAA© GU10 and MR16 lamps) and some humming sound from the dimmers.

When the Electrician replaced our DZ2G450DIAL with the 32V 500 series for live tests, he also shared that he needed to visit this office frequently to make the dimmer replacement as some of them burnt out in a matter of months. Since it's impossible to re-wire the office, this limits the number of choices for the customer.

Earlier this year (2022), when the cosmetic company moved to a new office location, our DZ3G450DIAL was used, and the Contractor invited us to make another visit to help solve the cross-talk issues. Please see relevant topics in the Support section.

We also took this opportunity to thank you, LIGHTSWITCH (lighting consultant), for the project.

Apr 10th, 2017